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Personal Information Management

Gosenjaku Inc. values the privacy of your personal information as it relates to actual business dealings. Along with the management system, we established to safeguard such information, We promise to handle your personal information appropriately and securely.

1. Collection of personal information

Only pertinent personal information will be collected, and it will be done so in a lawful, fair manner.
Furthermore, Gosenjaku Inc. may collect whatever necessary range of personal information is necessary in the following situations.

  • Contacts/inquiries
  • Job applications
2. Use of personal information

When personal information is used, it will only be used within the scope of the purposes specified by our company.
In cases where the use of personal information goes beyond the specified purposes, the express permission of the person in question will be sought beforehand.
Furthermore, our company may use personal information for the following purposes.

  • In order to respond to contacts/inquiries
  • In order to respond to job applications
3. Providing personal information

Gosenjaku Inc. makes it a rule never to make personal information public or provide it to a third party without the consent of the person in question.
When personal information is provided to a third party, it will only be done after receiving the consent of the individual in question.
However, the following cases are exceptions to this.

  • When a request is made by a government or municipal office, such as a request by the police
  • When specifically compelled to do so by law

Furthermore, when explaining our services to collaborating firms, advertisers, or other third parties, or when working on joint ventures, personal information may be tallied and analyzed, and the resulting statistical data that doesn’t contain any personal information (such as overall information describing general trends among our clients as a whole) disclosed.

4. Disclosure, revision, and deletion of personal information

When an individual requests the disclosure, revision, or deletion of any information they provided this site, or when they refuse to allow its use or redistribution, we will respond in a proper fashion.

Enforcement of safety measures

While making every effort to ensure the accuracy of personal information, Gosenjaku Inc. will also enforce safety measures to protect personal information, prevent unauthorized access to personal information, the loss, destruction, or alteration of it, and to prevent it being leaked, and make any necessary improvements to continue to do so.

Observation of laws and codes

In order to effectively protect accurate personal information, Gosenjaku Inc. observes the Personal Information Protection Law and other codes.

Ongoing improvements to the personal information management system

Gosenjaku Inc. reviews our personal information management system and continues to improve upon it.

Other Matters to Note

Third party sites or services that are linked or advertised in the content managed by Gosenjaku Inc. have separate and distinct terms for the collection and preservation of personal information.
This site accepts no responsibility for the terms or activities of these other parties.

Contact information for queries related to personal information

Personal Information Contact Desk
1-2-8 Nagisa, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0841
TEL.0263-25-5500 / FAX.0263-25-5501(Excluding weekends, national holidays, and company holidays)

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