Here, we’ve addressed some of the queries we frequently receive from customers, presented in Q & A fashion.
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Regarding Access to Kamikochi

Can we go to Kamikochi by car?

Kamikochi receives visitors from around the world, and in order to preserve the beautiful nature there, year-round restrictions on the use of private vehicles (cars and motorcycles) on the route into Kamikochi have been in effect since 1975.
As a result, to get to Kamikochi, you will need to transfer to a bus or taxi along the way.

What if we’re coming to Kamikochi by car?

If you’re coming from the Kanto region, you can go by car from the Nagano Expressway Matsumoto Interchange to Sawando bus terminal, then park there and use a shuttle bus or taxi to Kamikochi.
If you’re coming from the Kansai region or Nagoya, you can go by car from the Takayama Interchange to Hirayu Hot Springs, park in the Hirayu Akandana parking lot, and continue on to Kamikochi by shuttle bus or taxi.
Parking in either parking lot is 600 yen/day for cars, or 300 yen/day for motorcycles.

How much is the bus fare?

Between Sawando bus terminal and Kamikochi bus terminal, for an adult the round trip fee is 2,100 yen, one way is 1,250 yen, and a round trip ticket for children is 1,050 yen.

I’ve heard that there’s a convenient direct bus to Kamikochi. Any details?

The Sawayaka Shinshu expressway bus runs out to Kamikochi without the need to transfer.
In the Kanto region, it runs from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Shibuya, Omiya, and Kawagoe, taking from 5 to 7.5 hours. Direct buses from Kyoto or Osaka take approximately 8 hours.
Also, from Nagano, the expressway bus Seseragi connects Kamikochi and Nagano City and takes approximately 3 hours.

How about when we take a taxi to Kamikochi?

When going by taxi from Sawando bus terminal or the Hirayu Akandana parking lot, it takes approximately 30 minutes from either parking lot.
The fare from Sawando bus terminal to Kamikochi bus terminal is 4,200 yen (discounted to 3,780 yen for the disabled), from Hirayu Akandana parking lot to Kamikochi bus terminal, the fare is 5,000 yen (likewise discounted to 4,500 yen), plus the toll for passing through the Abo Tunnel (790 yen each way).