SPRING STYLERecommended ways to spend your time in Kamikochi in autumn

Advancing down the trail through the coniferous forest, the vistas before you will open into dreamlike scenes of beauty.
Kamikochi is always wonderful, but you can’t help but be captivated by the haze-threaded greenery and the clear, endless blue of the lake.

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A world of deep green lays at the end of the long climb through the tunnel

After riding the shuttle bus up a long, steep incline, you suddenly come out into an enchanting world of deep greenery.
It‘s unlike any place you’ve ever visited.
So this is what undisturbed nature looks like.

A special protection zone in a national park that has also been designated a special scenic spot and a special natural treasure, Kamikochi is the one place where both conservation and tourism are successful.



The air is so incredibly fresh. The water’s unbelievably blue.

A haze on Taisho Pond makes it feel as if you’re in another world altogether.
Incredibly clear, the water reflects the Hotaka Mountain Range like some impossibly blue mirror.

There’s little wind at Taisho Pond in the morning, so it’s a perfect chance to see the Hotaka Mountain Range reflected in it. Some lucky visitors will be treated to the dreamlike views of a hazy morning on the pond.



As lovely as something out of a painting, the grandeur of it will leave you speechless.

After all, for more than 90 years this spot has been selected as one of the Eight Views of Japan.
The miraculous beauty wrought here by nature and the grandeur of the Hotaka Mountain Range will leave you breathless.

A chain of 3000-meter class mountains, the Hotaka Mountain Range can be seen from all over Kamikochi.



Search for the nirinso flower amid the fresh greens on Kamikochi’s spring trails

The twitter of birds rains down from nowhere in particular, and you’re enveloped by the sound of the wind rustling through the trees.
You might find yourself wondering if you’ve ever in your life been so aware of the bird songs, the plants, and the flowers.

Called “The White Fairy,” nirinso heralds the arrival of spring in Kamikochi. And if you find a green nirinso blossom, happiness will be yours.



Enveloped in lush, fresh greenery

Myojin Pond is surrounded by sacred and tranquil scenery. Since long ago, it has been known as Kagami-ike Pond (Mirror Pond) and been regarded as a sanctuary of Hotaka Shrine.
As suggested by the name Mirror Pond, the surface of the water reflects fresh greenery in 360 degrees. I felt my entire body being refreshed by this beautiful scenery.

Sudden rain creates mysterious views of wispy fog. Due to the sudden rain, the view of the fog is very mysterious. I found that Kamikochi is picturesque even on a rainy day. Another benefit is that young women do not have to worry about getting sunburnt!



All-you-can-eat confections from Matsumoto City’s famous pastry shop 5HORN.

Have a dreamy time at THE PARKLODGE Kamikochi’s buffet, where you can eat your fill of your favorite confections.
Your weary bones will want to soak up all that sweetness.
All that remains is to take a bath, chat with friends, and get some sleep. Am I in heaven?

5HORN’s cakes are renowned for their unstinting use of the choicest ingredients, an experience in opulence. Nagano Prefecture’s high altitude means large temperature variations between day and night, and together with the abundant sunlight, this gives our fruits a high sugar content, which is the secret to delicious cakes.

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In the stillness, enveloped by the sunrise, you decide to head out of your room.

Early mornings in Kamikochi are surprisingly cold, but the refreshingly clean air and the calm more than make up for that minor inconvenience, and the overwhelming view will win your heart.

The kind of sunrise you’ll only find in Kamikochi—“morgenrot,” German for “red morning”.
This is no ordinary sunrise, but rather the name for the phenomenon in high mountain places where the sunlight tinges the ridges red.