SUMMER STYLERecommended ways to spend your time in Kamikochi in Summer

Have a barbeque lunch with your friends while surrounded by the gorgeous peaks of the Japan Alps and blue sky as far as the eye can see.
Take your time staring up at the starry night sky when you stay in comfort at THE PARKLODGE Kamikochi.
You’ll discover all new ways to spend your time.

Wear and gear furnished by Montbell Co., Ltd.



The mountain water is cold and feels good, you recall hearing somewhere.

Impressed by the clarity of river that runs by the foot of Kappa Bridge, you take it upon yourself to dip your foot into that pristine water.
It’s so cold that you can’t help find yourself looking up at your friend and sharing a laugh.
Too cold for you, it leaves your foot a little sore, yet it still feels nice.

Kamikochi’s landmark, Kappa Bridge. It’s a miraculous tableau, the wooden suspension bridge in perfect harmony with nature against the towering backdrop of the Hotaka Mountain Range, while the Azusa River runs below.



A barbeque makes it feel like you’re really camping

Now that you’ve finished setting up, time for a little break.
Since you can rent the equipment, it’s so easy, and since you’re staying at THE PARKLODGE Kamikochi, you’ll be safe and comfortable all night long.
This is one way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mini Tarp HX (Montbell)
A small, hexagonal tarp renowned for its spacious accommodations and relative strength in the wind. Perfect for protecting yourself from summer’s strong rays.

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Summer trails in Kamikochi are “sort of trekking”

Your task for today is to walk a lot and eat a lot.
Since you’ve come all the way out to Kamikochi, you’d like to do some exploring.
And once you’ve digested the barbeque from lunch, you’d like to eat your fill at the delicious buffet in the evening.
Go, me!

A monkey encountered along the way. It’s such an amusing sight you almost go closer, but remembering the admonitions “Don’t get to close, don’t make eye contact, and don’t feed them,” you decide it’s best to just watch it from a distance.



As sunset colors the world

You almost seem to be relieved of all the weariness you felt on returning from “sort of trekking,” and the sunset tinges everything with its calm, magical touch.
For a while, you forget the passage of time, merely gazing out at the pink-hued world.

The sky and the Azusa River tinged pink by the sunset is a magical sight only those staying over in Kamikochi get to enjoy.



Taking a brief stroll at night, a lantern in one hand

Taking a rest after finishing dinner, your friend suddenly says she wants to go outside, so with the lantern you borrowed from the front desk in hand, you walk through nature at night with no sign of anyone else around, your heart beating a little faster.
The mood is completely different from Kamikochi in the daytime. At some point, you realize your heart is racing.

Compact Lantern (Montbell)
Not only is this lantern bright, but it’s lightweight and compact as well. You can illuminate your surroundings evenly in the warm light. Includes a hook for hanging.

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Sitting on Kappa Bridge and looking up at the star-filled sky

In the middle of the night, no one’s crossing Kappa Bridge.
It’s so nice, you almost feel like going to sleep right there.
Looking up at the stars like this makes you feel young again.
Maybe you’d forgotten how many stars there are, and how brightly they shine.
This is much prettier than any planetarium!

Designated as a national park’s special protection zone, Kamikochi is darker and quieter at night than you can imagine. FIVESENSE nature guides in Kamikochi are professional guides with a thorough knowledge of the Kamikochi area, and you needn’t worry if they guide you around Kamikochi at night.

FIVESENSE’s official website here



Some morning activity in the clean air of early morning

Morning feels great when you wake up to such invigorating light.
You go outside, where people are still few and far between, and take in a deep, filling breath of fresh air.
It feels so good, you find yourself wanting to go for a run.
Why, it’s the first time you’ve done any trail running.
You haven’t done any running at all since you became an adult.

Wind Blast Print Parka (Montbell)
Both compact and durable, this print parka is handy to have on you. Distinctive in its pop pattern, this is one item you’ll want to bring with you for Kamikochi’s morning and evenings, which get cool even in Summer.

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