Here, we’ve addressed some of the queries we frequently receive from customers, presented in Q & A fashion.
If you have a question not covered below, kindly call us at 0263-95-2221.

How to spend your time in Kamikochi

Being old, I can’t walk for extended periods, but can I still enjoy sightseeing there?

Just strolling around the Kappa Bridge area is enough to thoroughly enjoy Kamikochi.
Though it means traveling some distance, the course that goes from Kappa Bridge to Taisho Pond is easily walkable.

Is the weather prone to violent swings?

In early spring and the beginning of autumn, temperatures can drop below freezing.

How does the temperature compare to Matsumoto?

Compared to the city, temperatures are 5 to 10°C colder (or 10 to 20°F colder)

What kinds of clothing are best?

Even for short walks, you’ll want clothing that will maintain your body temperature and that’s easy to move about in.

We don’t want to pack a lot. Please tell us the absolute minimum we need.

Even in midsummer, long-sleeved shirts and long pants are basic necessities, and since the sun is quite strong then, you’ll also need a hat.
In addition, raingear will also serve to protect you against the cold.
For a jacket, we recommend wearing something that opens up the front so you can easily adjust your garb.
Also, it’s possible to send your baggage along to the hotel ahead of time, so please contact Gosenjaku Hotel Kamikochi for more information.

Are there places to eat?

Not only can you eat at the THE PARKLODGE Kamikochi, but there’s also Gosenjaku Kitchen, and you can eat at other accommodation facilities as well.

Is there any particular time it’s common to run into Asian black bears?

The chances of encounters are higher in early morning and at night, so please exercise caution. Also, wear a bear bell or something else that makes a sound to make them aware of your presence.

Are there toilets?

Kamikochi has toilets that predominantly run on the tip system.
There is a box set out in front of the toilets.
The bus terminal toilets are staffed, so please give any tips to them.
Everyone’s kind consideration helps to preserve the environment.

If we’re staying over, are there any rules regarding attire when we have dinner?

At our hotel, we ask that you refrain from wearing pajamas or yukata robes while dining, but other than that, you are free to wear what you like.
Please come in whatever makes you comfortable.

How is the cellphone reception in Kamikochi?

All the various carriers’ cellphones can be used at Kappa Bridge, Konashidaira, Kamikochi bus terminal, Weston Memorial Plaque, Tashiro Pond, Taisho Pond, and so on.